UrbanPlan is a free education programme for 15-18 year olds, led by facilitators and industry experts. It explores the market and non-market tensions involved in urban regeneration.


Who is UrbanPlan for?

  • Year 10 to 13
  • Curriculum fit for Geography, Economics and Business Studies
  • Students keen to learn more about careers in the built environment
  • 30-60 students per workshop

What will students do?

UrbanPlan is an immersive, energetic and thought provoking workshop for sixth form students, introducing them to the exciting world of urban regeneration. Students form property development companies to regenerate a city centre site. Simulating real life, students work through financial, design, ethical and environmental challenges in order to create a financially viable scheme comprising a mix of commercial and residential uses.

Once the site is designed, the students’ final challenge is to present their ideas to a specialist panel (land use professionals) and receive expert feedback. This is an interactive, exciting and competitive session, in which each student is allocated a role and is challenged to contribute. They will develop their employability skills and receive individual mentoring from built environment industry experts.

Easy-to-use multimedia resources are available which include a teachers’ toolkit, templates, and 3D models for pupils to work with, as well as briefing films and a mobile app.


  • A workshop focused on the redevelopment of a blighted site in a hypothetical town
  • Students role play, working in teams
  • Teams address challenging financial, market, social, political, and design issues
  • Supported by easy-to-use multimedia resources alongside a teachers’ toolkit, templates & 3D models
  • Curriculum links with Geography, Economics  and Business Studies
  • Led by professional facilitators and property industry experts
  • Employability skills focus
  • Useful for personal statements and UCAS applications
  • Minimal teacher preparation time

How long does it last?

  • Short preparatory task
  • + Full day’s workshop


The workshop is FREE to all schools. It is sponsored by ULI (the Urban Land Institute), a global body that exists to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining  thriving communities worldwide.