• About UrbanPlan

    UrbanPlan is a realistic, engaging, and academically demanding classroom-based programme in which students learn about the fundamental forces that affect urban regeneration. An educational initiative developed by the Urban Land Institute, UrbanPlan has been running successfully in high schools in the US for over ten years – reaching over … Read More

  • Volunteers

    Volunteers are an important part of UrbanPlan UK. Students and teachers are overwhelmingly positive about their contribution: 90% agreed the volunteers were a valuable part of the experience. As the workshop is led by professional facilitators, the volunteers’ time is spent engaging with the students … Read More

  • Teachers

    UrbanPlan is a free education programme for sixth form students, led by facilitators and industry experts. It explores the market and non-market tensions involved in urban regeneration. Read More

  • Supporters

    UrbanPlan UK has been made possible thanks to the wonderful support of the property industry. We have a group of funders who are fully engaged in the programme and have helped ULI identify schools, refine the programme and recruit volunteers. We have SUSTAINING FOUNDERS who have … Read More

UK Urbanplan News

ULI Holds UrbanPlan Workshops Across Europe…

This autumn, ULI has held UrbanPlan workshops in the UK, Ireland, Germany, and the Netherlands.  Read More

Fantastic celebration event for UrbanPlan…

Thanks to the GLA for hosting another fantastic celebration event at City Hall this week for students having recently completed ULI’s UrbanPlan programme.  Students heard from David Kong, Foster & Partners (one of the architects on the building) as well as from Chris Choa of … Read More

UrbanPlan inspires careers

Read all about Argent’s Andrew Turner – he has a very successful career in property but it all started with UrbanPlan …. READ ABOUT ANDREW’S STORY HERE

Another successful tour finishes

The UrbanPlan team visited another 20 schools in the Spring taking the overall total for the academic year to 35 schools. That means we have reached 800 pupils this year alone! And, overall, we have delivered to 1500 young people with the support of 350 … Read More